Jack Russell Puppy Love Rules
Experience it today!!
Thank you to all the wonderful families who have
chosen a Hobbit Hill Jack Russell Terrier.
We appreciate your kind words!

We absolutely love him, he's just a great little fella.  He was so incredible on his journey to Port Moody and after so long travelling already.  He was so good letting me know when he needed a bathroom break so we had no accidents. We stopped several times and he had a good play and a drink.  He was a thirsty little guy. He's so bright and alert as well, he doesn't miss a thing.

We just can't stop looking at him, he is just such a lovely little puppy.  He really is a very contented little fellow and slept much of the journey, waking for quick play and some TLC. He's home now and getting used to his new surroundings.  Thanks for the food, he had some dinner when we got home, he wasn't interested in food just water when we first picked him up and cuddles of course!

Everyone we met just loved him too.   We had no problems crossing the border, they fell in love with him too!!

We will keep you posted and we will send photos tomorrow.
Bye for now and thank you so much for all your care and attention.  Caleb or 'Finn' is a real credit to you and we are very grateful for all your help.

Caroline and George

Finn (aka Caleb by  Rabbi x Cassidee)
now in British Colombia Canada.  He is owned by Caroline and George Assaf
We are in love!!!  I will send pics asap.  Our vet was way impressed with your records.  They had shots and a checkup on friday.  "Whiskey" and Addy are doing great - full of personality and energy!  Our family is complete now that Jack russells are in our lives again.  Wonderful pets!  Our humane society mix, Ozzie, is so nuturing with them. 

Thank u for these magical puppies!!!

Will send new pics soon


Whiskey x Annie Litter

Sounds  like our Whiskey has a name sake!

Hope all is well with you?
I can see you are having a very busy Summer!
I thought you might like an update on the pups.

Debbie is very pretty, very correct and balanced. She has ideal bone for me. Not cumbersome looking but solid looking.
She is very sweet and always catches peoples eye when we are out. She is a monkey too and would Love to eat my rabbits, chickens or even the cats given the chance!
She is a brilliant hunter.
She has a big personality and is all jack!

Blossom is similar in size and only slightly smaller frame but not as square. She is extremely cute looking and also very correct.
She is the most delightful little dog and has completely stolen my heart.
She is cuddling next to me on the couch as I type.
She is very lowkey and extremely well behaved. She aims to please. She comes everywhere with me and walks at my side like glue without a leash.
She is an ideal little jack, to me.
Yesterday I had a family come to meet my dogs, interested in a pup from an upcoming litter.
After staying a good while and meeting all my dogs.

The man said, I have one question for you "would you part with her(Blossom)"
I smiled and said "No way!"......he replied "I guess I don't blame you!"

She really is the most delightful dog. They both are lovely but with 3 busy kids and a busy life a gentle, loyal friend always at your side is a welcome treat!

Thank you, for 2 lovely girls.
They are both dearly loved.


I just wanted to let you know that Molly has arrived in Kentucky and is doing well. She appears to be a live wire. She is full of energy. Oops - I just got a call while typing this email from my mother and she said you had just called. We introduced her to our 10 year old dachshund and they seem to be doing fine with each other. I will send you an email in a couple of weeks with pictures and a status report. Thank you again for a pleasant transaction. Buying a puppy over the Internet is a big first for me.

Just wanted to let you know Misty is doing great.  We're having a blast together.  My family came yesterday.  I had to keep a close eye on Misty because everyone loved her so much I was afraid they might try to sneak her home with them.

She really is like my second shadow--at noontime--she stays so close.

It was great meeting you and your husband.  I really enjoyed the tour.


Larry Wilson
Germantown, TN

We got Daphney quickly off of the plane,  We fell in love instantly!  We have been playing with her outside and letting her play with our older dog.   Russie, our older dog has taken to her very well.  She is already trying to  lead her around.  I will send you photos as soon as I download them onto the computer.  She is being well taken care of and loved very much!!!!
Kimberly         8/11/09

This is the Dean Family. I would like to thank you again for breeding; such a wonderful dog. This is Jetta on a walk.


Daisy Dean
Jetta is from Rabbi & Jada
Update   8 - 25-39

I just wanted to give you an update on "Daphney". She has already turned into a Georgia Peach.  We are absolutely in love with her. It is so appropriate that her little nose is the shape of a heart!  She is spoiled rotten.  She will not let me out of her sight and really prefers to be in my arms or my lap at all times, which is perfectly fine with me.  My uncle is the governor of Georgia so she spent her first weekend in Georgia at the Governor's mansion when we went up to visit.  The security "babysat" her while we went to dinner.  Thank you so much for such a sweet little girl. Unfortunately, we had to put my older Jack Russell to sleep this past Saturday.  The chemo. just wasn't working and she was getting worse.  "Daphney" really has helped us through a really tough time.  She is already such a part of our family and we can't imagine life without her.  I am attaching some photos of her while we were at the mansion.  Thanks again!
Kimberly Pinckney
Daphney visiting the Georgia Governor's Mansion.  How cute is that!

This email should have come alot sooner.  I have to tell you what joy, love and laughter our little dog Newt has brought to us!  We have enjoyed everyday with him since we brought him home in March.  He's so loving and playful.  I sometimes have to drive to Minnesota, which is a 9 hour drive and he is a real trooper.  He just loves to go "bye bye".  When in Minnesota he has two 100lb labs that he plays with everyday.  He shows them who is boss and gets along great with other dogs.
The picture I sent is of him with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders.  My daughter and I did the Walk for Life at the Mall of America and they saw him and just could not believe how cute he was.  He walked the whole way and we stopped counting at 700 people who commented how cute he was or asked what kind of dog he was. When we are out taking our daily walk, at least every other day someone will stop their car and ask about him.
Recently we had the flu/pneumonia and he was so great.  He just cuddled up next to us and I think if he could he would have waited on us when we needed something!   He's so special.
Thank you so much for our little treasure.
Lisa and Terry
Newt is a Rabbi x Jadda Son
Newt with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders!!
Gabby has won several puppy championships and now her Best In Show.
Gabby is a Rabbi x Gingle daughter owned by Livia Romeiro of Brazil.
Congratulations to Livia and Gabby!
Danny Boy - now in Maryland

I enjoyed our phone conversation the other day!  Sorry I've taken so long in advising you of how "Danny Boy" is doing.  He is WONDERFUL! Danny is in all ways buttoned into my heart.!  He has brushed away almost all of my tears.  He's been walking on a leash for almost 2 weeks now and he loves the long walks we take 2 times a day, a.m. & p.m.  We walk the little park behind my home 2 - 3 times a day too.
"Around the block" walks are very often thoughout the day and at bedtime.  He stops traffic.  One young mother actually parks her car and gets out to hold and greet him.  She loves Jacks and has 2 of her own.  Even the men on my block are taken back by his beauty.  He's so smart.  He lifts that head of his in such a majestic way when things catch his attention.  He just about takes my heart away.  He's known his name since the evening of  7-09-09.  On the flight home he was asleep in my arms most of the time.  They required me to put him in his carrier when the plane took off and landed.  I loved every moment!  I probably kiss him too much but who's counting?  I love him with my whole heart and he knows it!  He's a good guy about the crate when I really have to put him in it; like when I  go out for a store visit.ect.  He goes with me when I visit family and they just love him too!
Yesterday I bought a small digital camera.  I just need to learn to use it.  You'll get pictures plenty when I do.

I located an IAMS product for puppies that is very much like your brand in quality and he loves it.  I do thank you for taking such great care of your mommies while they are carring their pups.  I sincerely believe that is one of the reasons Danny is such a great, healthy, happy, handsome pup.
Elizabeth Dietrich

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Just wanted to send you a note on Mia and Milo's 1st Birthday.  Thanks again for allowing us to have them.  They are such a joy and so much fun to have.  We had our first snow yesterday and they haven't wanted to come in they are having so much fun.  Thanks again.  I am a computer dummy but I will try to put the kids in charge of sending you some pictures.  Mia is very petite and Milo is a little bull.  They have great personalities.  I'm happy I stuck with Jack Russells because they are so smart and sensitive.  We love them!!!!!   Hope all is well with you.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Jean Kapolnek

Milo and Mia are sired by Weston and out of Missy

Thanks for your note on facebook!  Champ is such a joy to us!  He weighs about 22 lbs, and definitely lives up to his title of 'Hunt' terrier.  The boy gets mice, moles, rabbits....took out a huge raccoon twice his size (we couldn't get him off it)...unfortunately the skunk he tried to go for sprayed him a good one!  I must say, he's better than the cats (which of course he can't get).

Here are a few pics of him...thanks again for such a wonderful bundle of love!!  He's just the best dog we've had in years, and we'd love another someday!!

Happy holidays!

Gay Anderson, Brier Bank Farm
Baby Finn
Finn @ 8 months

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how Baylor is doing. He is sleeping all through the night, playing fetch, sitting, and learning stay. He has good days with potty training and bad days. He has has his wormer and shots up to date. I really enjoy spending time with him, and he is a funny little guy. We can see a great comparison to Benjamin Buttons!


Mindy Damman

I am Maria from Puerto Rico. I wanted to share with you how beautiful and sweet she's turned out.  We are so blessed to have her. Thanks for making our family so happy. She is very active and super well behaved. Last week we took her to NY and she had lots of fun in the snow. I've been looking at some of your new puppies and they are lovely. Congratulations!!!!Thanks again for all the wonderful work you do
Thanks again for all the joy Brigit has brought to our family.  You are a wonderful person and your puppies are definitely a testimony to that.
Best regards,

Maria Calderon

We just left the vet, she was the star of the practice. My vet asked where she had come from, he had a friend who just had her jack pass away. I gave him your info so you may have someone from PA contact you.
I see the boys are getting bigger they are cute, I like the spot on clints paw.


Home of Top Quality English Jack Russell Terriers and American Hunt Terriers

We got the pictures and they are precious.  Thank you so much.  He is now 7 pounds and going to see his doctor for the first time.  He is the instigator in the bunch and wrestles with an 85 pound black lab.  They are so fun to watch.  Poor Abby though, he likes to pull on her lower lip with his puppy teethe and all she does is whimper and knock him away with her paw.  She lays down to wrestle with him and he gets on top like he is going to chew her up.  Funny...funny.  They really love each other and he gets along with Leo the pit bull/boxer.  He is submissive around him but attacks Abby with snarling teethe and all the gusto of a 100 pound dog.  He has already learned his first trick.  If you bend down and say "jump" he jumps straight up into your hands.  He gets higher all the time.  He is really a JUMPER and climbs on things like a cat.  He sleeps all night with no problem snuggled in bed with him mommy.  He loves his sister and comes running when I get off work.  He is quite a hand full.  Nosey, brave, jumper, climber, instigator and more.  He has his first collor and walks with the big dogs on a retractable lease.  We may register him as Goldies Little Bear but his call name is now Scooter.  Went through a few names but that one stuck.  We have movies of him and Abby playing together which we watch on TV.  When I feed the big dogs, I announce loudly "Big Dogs Eaten" because we do not want to take any chances with that scenerio.

Just two "old crows" and their 3 fourlegged children.

Clint - now Black Jack is home with Pepper Jack.
Both are beautiful puppies!!!  We are proud!

Our little puppy, Louie, is growing fast.  He is so healthy and frisky.  I was worried about him traveling so far by plane but he just popped out of his crate ready to explore his new home.
We just love this little guy.  He is friendly and happy and knows how to play and hold his own with the other two older dogs (another shorty Jack and a Schnauzer, both males).  He plays with Gus the Jack Russell in the morning and Rudy the Schnauzer in the afternoon and takes naps in between.
I just wanted to take a minute to tell any potential puppy owners what an amazingly healthy, well adjusted and happy little puppy this boy is.
It was a difficult decision for me but I am so happy I did it.  Everyone that sees him falls in love with him.
Thank you again. Hope you like the pictures.
Michele Williams
Riverside, California

Thank you so much for Maci (bella).   She is growing so fast and is a very smart little girl.
All the dogs are getting along so well.  Here are some great pics of us all.  I really appreciated the great service that Hobbit Hill has provided me.

Melissa Kamenzind

Thank you very much for my Tatum .  She is VERY beautiful and I am very proud of her.  I can see a lot of Robbi in her and I think she will be an excellent addition to my breeding program.   I am glad to see you are up and doing so well and I very much enjoyed your brief visit....... God is Good.............................Jana
Jana Crawford - Russellville Farms/Jack Russells
Tatum (Rabbi x Twinkle Toes - a Delilah daughter)

Simon  (Whiskey x Lacy) what a true example of the
heart of a Shorty Jack Russell.

Simon is about 10 inches tall and a very good, smart, strong little dog.  I've trained him and he listens very well, he's a very good companion and everybody loves this guy, lots of fun.
About 3 weeks ago I thought I lost Simon while going for a walk at the park with my 4 year old son  when two massive pit bulls got out of the neighbors backyard and one of them savagely attacked Simon.  He played dead and the pit bull let go but focusing towards my son that I'm carrying. Then Simon got up got the pit bull's attention and ran the other direction, but the pit bull got him again while I ran towards the nearby community center.  Police were called, the pit bulls were taken, but no Simon just lots of blood on the scene.  We thought the pit bull swallowed him. Surprisingly he made it back home with torn neck muscles and a dozen of puncture wounds including a couple under his jaw and through his tongue.  Even the police officer cannot believe he was alive. You can see the wounds on a couple of pics Simon on the chair.  This little guy survived this and now his back to good ol Simon.  When we went back to the park Simon is not scared but he is aware, what a brave dog. Yep lots of action here at my place .
I hope you like the pictures.

Ray Morales     (The Morales family live in California)
Weston x Kelcei Litter

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you how much fun we are having with Riggs.  He is such a GOOD puppy.  He already goes to the back door to go out to go to the bathroom.   He is eating great.  We took him to the vet yesterday... he weights 4lbs. 10 oz.  No problems.  He is such a cuddler.  I just can't believe how much we love him.  He was with us all weekend going to all of our parties, and was so great.  I think that he really bonded with us.  We didn't leave him alone for a second.  On Monday of this week, I started putting him by himself for short periods of time, and he does great with that as well. 

Thank you sooooo much!!!!  We couldn't be happier.  It has been a GREAT experience.  It is very obvious that you have spent a lot of time with your puppies and that they are loved very much before they come to their permanent homes.  He is a wonderful addition to our family.

I will be sure to send pictures.


I wanted to give you an update to say that Galli (aka Sir Drizzle the Gallant Stink Bug Slayer) is doing GREAT!  He is a real sweetheart and Chai LOVES him.  Within a day of his arrival she decided he makes a wonderful "real life squeaky toy" and he holds his own with her, growling and chasing her after she drags him around like one of her toys!  Mind you, I make sure she isn't hurting him.  It is a good thing he is tough!!!  They play constantly and absolutely enjoy each other's company.  Needless to say, I am not getting much rest but they both keep me laughing!  His aka came about when he "drizzled on me one day while sleeping wrapped around my neck and he has since proven himself to be "Gallant" at eradicating some of the hordes of stink bugs that have descended on my house recently.  He crunches down on them and then shakes his head vigorously when they "stink" on him, yet he continues to do his part to eliminate some of the pesky buggers!  LOL!  I absolutely ADORE him and he is worth every penny he cost, as he is a wonderful companion for Chai!  :)  Please assure the woman that originally bought him that he has a great home and he is loved and thank you for selling him to me!  :)  I'll send more photographs when he stops running long enough to allow my camera to focus!  :)  Take care!

Gallant looking in on Chai
Gallant (Little Tyke/Gingle)
Chai ( Luke/Maggie)

I just wanted to let you know that Lucy (cally) is doing great! She is so much fun and such a sweet puppy. She seems to be settling in really well, she's been very good at the barn, and super smart. We couldn't be happier. Thanks so much! Pictures coming soon.
Misty ( Rabbi x Mocara)

Little Drake had a photo shoot last week and he wanted to send you some pics. Enjoy. Also one with his little lady friend Tru.
Also if you would like I have some hard copy's of the pics I can send you.
Drake is a son of Little Tyke and out of Maddee (Rabbi x Kaddee)
Hard to believe it was one year ago tomorrow that we called you to talk about finding a new puppy, Louie (Dali)  .  Included in attachments are a few pictures taken yesterday outside.  We have had a mild winter here so no snow in these pictures.  He continues to bring us joy, just having taken a 3 week road trip to florida and back, he did well.  No more car sickness, must have been an inner ear thing as he was maturing during puppyhood.  Quite active with the ball toy outside as you can see.  Also quite a talker  in short 'ruff  ruff' language to get our  attention.  Still the hoarder of toys , don't know that that will change.  He goes with me on 3 mile runs and keeps up very well. He is an inspiration to keep me going on the exercise.  Enjoy,  Dave Spitler
We took Macey to the vet today for her next round of shots and a check up. She of course did wonderful and everybody loves her. She is healthy and perfect. Our vet complimented you on how healthy and plump Macey was. She said many times she will get very thin, unhealthy puppies that come from a breeder. She said she had been dealing with sick puppies and dogs all day and Macey was her first one of the day that was perfectly healthy.  People will stop us on the street to tell us how beautiful she is. Key West is a very dog friendly town so she basically goes everywhere with us (puppy pads in tow as we don't allow her down in public too much because of so many dogs being taken everywhere).  Everybody comments on how calm she is as she usually just sits in our arms and licks anybody that will let her. Even our vet said she had a wonderful temperament for a jack russell puppy. She was able to give her a shot, check her ears and trim her nails all while she just sat on my lap.
Macey also does wonderful in the crate at night. She goes in by herself around 7:00 pm while we get our son ready for bed. She usually gets up around 2:00 am to potty and then goes back in without a peep until around 6:00 am when my husband gets up. She is a wonderful addition to our family!!

I tooked her to the vet yesterday night to get her shot and everybody liked her. Who knows the breed loves her. We don't have JRT's in Manaus. Almost no one knows the breeder around here. But my family vet knows very well the breed and he encouraged us to take her in dog shows.
Yes, she's going great. Since the first day she sleeps the whole night!!! She wakes up in the middle of night to go to the bathdroom and back to sleep without crying. She sleeps at her bed in our room under my deskside bed. She's learning to using her bathroom very fast, sometimes escapes, but she's doing well. She is great.We are counting days to get her ride horses with us, hiking trails in Amazon forest or swimming in Negro river... We are just waiting her shots complete.
I'm very greatful to have her.
Thank you Karen.
Renata from Brazil with Mira (Ben Buttons x Maddee)

James is almost one year old now, and we are very happy with him, he has become an exceptional friend and family member. Everyday he surprised us with his outstanding energy and intelligence; he is always learning new tricks and loves working out with us every afternoon.
Actually we’re taking him to agility training and he’s doing very well, he’s the best student! His trainer suggested us to showing him, and we will in the near future!
James definitely has changed our lives; he’s loyal, smart, lovable, charming and very friendly, he gets along well with everyone! His tail never stops wagging! He has developed an exceptional temperament and body structure, he’s simply great! We’re very pleased! Thank you very much Karen, it’s a privilege for us to own such an outstanding Hobbit Hill Jack Russell.
Best regards!
Adan - Monterey, Mexico
James (Little Tyke x Crystal)

Greetings from Maryland.  Just wanted to drop you an update on this very special day, Lilly's 1st Birthday!  She is doing very well, and is such a joyful little soul.  She brings such laughter and happiness to our home, and she is so loved.  Her favorite things to do are patrolling the property for squirrels and rumpus-ing with her yellow lab sister Roxy.  Roxy is about to turn 8 though, and is beginning to slow down a bit, and of course Lilly doesn't get that.  Lilly is the only small breed that attends my work's Doggie Days at a local dog park, and all the other dogs love her.  There is a large dog side and a small dog side at the park, and Lilly, of course, goes in the large dog side with all her friends.  I just want to thank you for the work that you do to produce such loving and well adjusted little puppies.
All my best to you and your family,
Maureen Mercante and family

Just wanted to let you know that the girls were released from quarantine late yesterday afternoon.  They were well cared for at the facility and even gained weight, which they say is usually the opposite due to the stress.  I guess the money we paid the caretakers paid off.  They were well fed and on 3 days last week when I went to visit they were out and being played with by the caretakers.

They are adjusting very well to the house but are unsure of the staircase.  That will work in my favor in trying to keep track of them while the potty training takes place.  Soon though, they will be up and down and everywhere!

We are so happy to finally have them here.  Every time one of us would leave the room and come back in, they greeted us as if they hadn't seen us in days.  I have enclosed a few photos of their first hour at the house.  It was pretty hard getting them to stop running around long enough to take a photo.

Thanks again for everything!!  I can't say enough how much we love them!!
Amy Roe  - Jakarta, Indonesia

We can’t thank you enough for such a great little Jack like Joey. (His name may change, but not decided upon yet). In the 16 hours since his arrival, he has stolen our hearts. If Lisa and I would have had a detailed 100 question form, from which to custom design the perfect puppy, and spent hours filling it out, Joey would have fulfilled every desire, and then some!

Our 14 year old Jack, Reggie has even adopted him. Joey is attached to Reggie’s heals. Marti, our 3 year old Cairn Terrier and Joey are getting along wonderfully.

He slept through the night (quietly!), does his duties outside (mostlyJ), and is so lovable, and full of energy. It’s obvious he is very intelligent, and follows us everywhere.


More to come with photos. I sent a text video of him this morning playing fetch. He is amazing.

Thanks Again,
Dennis & Lisa Stephens

Nicholasville, KY  3-20-12
From Dr. Tom Paisley DVM in Virginia - simply called this picture
" Fred on the dash"
Fred (Luke x Little Bit) goes to the horse farms with Dr. Paisley everyday - he thinks Fred is the Best!!

Wyatt just turned 6 months old.  He is a fantastic dog.  He takes after our labs more than his JR brother.  He is so calm.  He is a love and very very friendly.  Levi (JR) loves having another Jack to play with and they are great friends.

Thanks for being the loving caring breeder you are!  Love my Jack Russells.

Helen Gillick

I thought I would send you some pics of Rocky now at 9 months old.  He is out of Rabbi and Cassidee.  Isnt he beautiful!  We love him so much!  He comes to work with me every day and everyone loves him.  He is the sweetest dog I have ever owned.  He just wants to be in my lap all the time.  My husband and I have been taking him to obedience training and are thinking about agility classes.  He even won a blue ribbon in his obedience class!
Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.  We lost our female jack of 16 years at Christmas and he has really helped fill that hole in our hearts.  Hope you continue to find joy in breeding these special little dogs.  Everyone needs one!
Blessed with Rocky,

    We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful puppy, and the great experience we had making him a part of our lives. The prospect of purchasing a puppy we have never met, and having him shipped by air was a bit challenging for us, but your expertise, the phone conversations, e-mails and updated pictures of JJ (aka: Joey) from you while he was getting prepared for the trip to KY put us at ease. The process could not have gone more smoothly. He arrived ready to jump out of his crate, play, potty, and immediately was attached to us, and we with him. An great bonding experience. He adapted immediately to his new home, sleeps through the night (most nights), and does his duties outside, almost always while training.
    If we had been asked to complete a 100 question form, in detail about everything we hoped for in a puppy, and spent hours filling it out, JJ would have fulfilled every last desire and more. He is absolutely splendid. A quote from a well versed friend in dog breeding, he simply stated that JJ is a "very well bred specimen of the breed".
    JJ is such a joy, and he and our almost 15 year old Jack Russell, and our younger Cairn Terrier get along and play wonderfully together. The 15 year old Jack (Now known as Grandpa Reggie) has gotten a new lease on life thanks to JJ. They love swimming in the pool and pond together, and JJ keeps us all entertained chasing frogs, birds, lightning bugs, and anything that moves. He rarely lets us out of his sight, and enjoys meeting every other dog and knows no strangers, human or canine.
    At obedience school, he was the beloved class clown, very smart, and graduated Valedictorian of his class! We were so proud of him when he wore the cap for his graduation photo.
Your dedication to the breed, and the excellence you provide to your dogs really shows
through in JJ. Thanks again for the blessing us with JJ!

Dennis & Lisa Stephens
Nicholasville, Kentucky