Hobbit Hill Jack Russells
Penelope's Nursery

Sambo of Hobbit Hill
Hobbit Hill Penelope Sloan
Born: 08-07-2017

Ready to Place:

Females - 3
Males -2

Should Mature 8-9 inches



American Hunt Terriers are known in Europe as Black and Tan Jack Russell Terriers
In Europe no difference is made in this breed.  Americans have set out to make the Hunt Terrier a different breed.  It is my opinion as a breeder of both since 2007, that the Hunt Terrier is only a slight difference in the spotted and solid dog.  IMO they might be a bit more hardy at birth and have an amazing will to thrive.  They are very confident but sweet and loving little dogs.
They do love to hunt but so do my Jack Russells.
Hunt Terriers can and do produce spotted pups.  This doesn't make them any less pure than any other shorty Jack.  However when registering them with the rules require any puppy having more than 10% white must have a limited registration and be sold as pets only.

Puppies are Registered with the American Hunt Terrier Club Association
More Questions?  Call -  501-607-4453
CISSY- Female - Smaller little girl - but just a nice Black/Tan female.
She comes with full registration with the AHTCA.    RESERVED
Available $1200


Available $1200
Puppies Pictured Here at  5  &  7  Weeks Old
Hershey - Female -  Beautiful red female - Looks smooth coated - beautiful face on this sweety.

Seven - Male -  Smooth Black and Red.  Super short and just enough crome to make him a WOW puppy!