Our  Shipping Policy for 2015: 

For Shipping by Air:

Our Shipping Rate:  $325.00 for pups 8-10 wks.  $350.00 11 weeks and older.
$100 and you pay for shipping COD at the airport.

We deliver to Little Rock National Airport free of charge. 
Should your airport not allow COD - we will send prepaid. 
Once we have a quote from the airline - we will email you the total.  All shipping fees will be paid prior to puppy leaving Hobbit Hill Kennel.
Your puppy comes with:
Airline Approved Travel Crate
(even if we are traveling by car)
UTD Shot and Worming Record
Registration papers will accompany your puppy  if
Getting Your Puppy Home
Home of Top Quality English Jack Russell and American Hunt Terriers
Sample  pack of Puppy Food.
Arkansas Health Certificate (if puppy is traveling by air)
Puppies must be 8 weeks old to ship by air.  NO EXCEPTIONS - IT'S THE LAW
All puppies must be paid for in full before the puppy can be considered for shipping.
All shipping fees must be paid in full before any reservations will be made.

Steps we Take to Ensure your Puppy is Comfortable while Flying:

Pups are introduced to their crates to make them confortable in their traveling environment prior to being flown.
Shredded paper is placed in the bottom of the crate.  This adds comfort, absorbency, and keeps the pup dryer and  more comfortable.
The water tray is filled with water and then frozen.  The pup can then lick at the ice while it slowly melts.  This prevents the water from spilling and the pup having nothing to drink along the way.
Your new puppy's food is packaged and will be taped to the crate.  Airlines are given instructions to feed the pup on long layovers.
All crates are airline approved.  There must be adequate room for the pup to stand and turn around without space constraints.
We use Delta Pets First or American Airlines out of Little Rock & American out of Dallas for shipping into Alaska and Canada.  The process is safe, simple and cost effective.  The pup first obtains a Arkansas Health Certificate from our vet.  On the day of travel, he/she is placed in a well -ventilated airline transport crate, and is then received by a special division of the airline.  He/she is placed on board just minutes prior to departure, and will travel in a temperature controlled, pressurized area of the aircraft.  (If the pup loses pressure, so do the passengers.)  The pup usually sleeps for most of the flight.  (We do NOT use sedatives.  They are unnecessary and can be very dangerous!)
Remember - Your puppy never really knows that he/she is on an airplane, and he/she does not have a fear of flying. 
The best part is that he/she can be in your arms in just a few short hours.

Picking up your Puppy at the Airport

This is the most fun!  Just simply show up at the cargo area.  (Don't worry, your puppy won't come flying down the belt with all the suitcases.)  Show them your photo I.D, and they will give your pup to you.  Many families use this as the surprise introduction to their children or spouses.  Have a camera ready!  It's a good idea to bring some bottled water with you.  When you get to a grassy area, (preferably away from the airport) let him/her out for a bathroom break.  Don't forget the collar and leash!
Once the bathroom break is over, you will find it more comfortable to travel with your new pup beside you on the seat.  He will most likely go back to sleep by the warmth of your leg, this is a great first bonding experience.  It's also not a bad idea to bring some wet wipes and paper towels along, just in case he had an accident on the way.
Our Rates:

The puppy and delivery price must be paid in full before delivery will be scheduled.  Your puppy will be transported in a crate for it's safety.
Sometimes it works out best for us to bring your puppy most or part of the way.

For Delivery by Car:
Over Seas Shipping: 
Effective Summer 2013:  We have made the decision to suspend our overseas exportation.  We will be happy to ship anywhere in this country (except Hawaii) and Canada. 
We may change our policy at a later date.  Thank you for your understanding.
Mr. Handy- Manager in the Little Rock Cargo building.
A toy if allowed by airline and blanket during winter months
I charge a flat rate of $100 dollars to deliver a puppy to a designated location.   We will travel no more than 3 hours from home -