He was our beginning and we still have several dogs that carry his bloodlines.  Although Wyatt met an untimely death, we acquired several more puppies from Jana and other highly respected breeders to put together a breeding program that we feel are outstanding  individuals.  We have searched carefully to find individuals that possess the quality and conformation that we expect and that will compliment each other to produce puppies that have a wonderful temperament, excellent health, outstanding quality and just a puppy that we would be proud to offer.

With 20 years invested in the English Jack Russell Terrier, I just can't imagine life with out them.   Each new puppy that is born here is a blessing from God.  We love watching them grow into the unique little personalities and bundles of love.  We know that getting a new puppy is a big decision and with it comes responsibility, but the joy that these little dogs give back is truly, PRICELESS!

In 2007 we were able to add the beautiful and rare Hunt Terriers into our program.  Each of our Hunts were hand picked from different areas of the country and brought together to form our breeding program.  Although there aren't many Hunts in the US, they are fast becoming a very popular dog because of  their wonderful eye appeal and high intelligence.

Thank you to Jana Crawford for your dedication to the breed and to the many other wonderful folks I've had the honor to meet.   I look forward to a continued friendship with these fellow breeders and look forward to meeting  new ones in the future.  We are proud owners of the wonderful English Jack Russell and the gorgeous Black & Tan Hunt Terrier.

Welcome to Hobbit Hill Jack Russells.  Our life with the "shorty Jack" began in 1999.  But I saw my first Russell Terrier at the US National Arabian Horse show in New Mexico many  years earlier.  This little shorty was actually in a class, riding in the saddle bag during a Side Saddle class.   You could tell it wasn't  his first trip around the ring and was totally content to be right there.  I told my husband  that we needed a dog like that.

My next meeting came a few years later when my friend and fellow horse breeder Jana Crawford brought her "new" dog to the horse show in Little Rock.  Bradshaw was the cutest thing going and I knew that getting one of these little dogs might become a reality.  Jana and I did lots of horse business and on one of my trips to Magnolia, I saw little Wyatt Earp.  He was the cutest puppy I'd ever seen and decided I had to have him.
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